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I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with Jenn on a number of occasions and in a number of roles. She is always thought provoking, engaging, and a delight to work along side. We are especially proud to count her as one of our facilitators at RevJen and I highly recommend her to any organization that may need her diverse expertise.

Brian Joseph
RevJen Group

 Jenn is a gifted coach with the rare ability to simultaneously push and support her clients to help them grow. Her vast experience allows her to consistently apply learnings and best practices to specific challenges in a way that is authentic, relevant and productive. I’m lucky to have worked with her at a pivotal stage in my career and can honestly say that I came away from each meeting more inspired and confident. I wholeheartedly recommend her to any individual or organization that wants to take their work to the next level.

Samantha Coulombe
Public Relations Executive

Jenn Goldstone was described to me as a problem solver. When we engaged her services, I had no idea, beyond her reputation as a skilled COO, how successful she would be as a program developer. Jenn took a broad concept and and designed the foundation as well as the building blocks to take this novel idea and develop into a valuable program. Jenn combined a deep understanding of the women we serve, high standards for strategic partnerships, powerful market research skills and delivered to us the necessary components to launch the new program and to ensure its sustainability. Jenn worked seamlessly with staff and was invested as if she were on the team. I am happy that she felt so connected to our mission to take the leap and work with Sharsheret to offer cancer support at every stage.

Jenn is an exceptionally motivated, talented, and passionate leader in the non-profit world. She is always thoughtful, open-minded, and excited to resolve issues that many others consider too challenging to handle. She is genuinely committed to the organizations she works with, and is a force multiplier in every way.

Carrie Filipetti
Director, Portfolio Management
The Paul E. Singer Foundation

What a gift Jenn Goldstone has been in helping my professional development. She has the rare ability to be direct yet kind, firm and warm, wise and wise-hearted. Thank you for helping me be a better professional.

Rabba Sara Hurwitz
Yeshivat Maharat

I was leading the team at SeaChange Capital Partners when Jenn Goldstone joined us as a Vice President. Jenn immediately began contributing at a high level in a range of areas, from communications to donor and grantee relations to being an important guide and mentor to our younger professionals. Jenn was promoted to partner and succeeded me alongside another colleague to lead the organization in 2011. Her diverse background of experience and high-energy, optimistic demeanor position Jenn to add significant value to aspirational organizations.

Charles T. Harris III
Managing Director, Blue Meridian Partners
Portfolio Manager, Director of Capital Aggregation
The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

Jenn has that rare ability of seeing the macro and the micro. She is detail-obsessed and 10,000-foot savvy. A natural puzzle-solver, she is a great thought partner and leader, who cares deeply about every client, project, and opportunity with which she is entrusted. I am thrilled Jenn launched Xukuma so that I can have access to her excellent “operationalizing” skills.

Gali Cooks
Executive Director
Leading Edge